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This experiment was delayed due to a murder in the family, but is now back on track.  It will be published in two parts.  Part one will be articles 1-6 and the second part will be articles 7-10.  The prologue will be extended, so if you're among the first 3,600 participants (who've already read the previous prologue), than simply jump down to the section labeled "Onus Probandi" and start from there.

Running late.  Get used to it; I've never been on time for anything in my life.

You could tell me the world is coming to an end...

"There's a flood on it's way…
so you better be at that ark by 8pm!"

And this would be my response…  I'd hit the local store, as fast as I could, to buy myself a ******* scuba suit, because I know all-too-well that I'm not making that boat.

Such is the true nature of genius.


Ⅰ.  Prologue (revised)

 Ⅱ.  Primer
Information required to understand the rest, along with a broader view and statist…


It’s no secret that America’s prisons are over-populated.  In fact, we have more citizens incarcerated per capita, than any other country.  Every time I hear the matter discussed, it’s always the media echoing the excuse given by the authorities, which is “the schools are to blame”.   I find it strange that no one ever seems to realize or at least mention what that actually means…  “Americans are stupid criminals”.  Those incompetent schools were certainly put to the test with me.  I nearly killed myself by accident a dozen times over and faculty once or twice, but not one of them ever thought hitting curiosity at the speed of stupid was a reason to throw me away.  In my culture, that makes them kin and we fight for family.  Here goes my first single-knuckle hit to the chops of America’s authorities.

The Dunedin Study in New Zealand is widely and accurately considered the most respected psychological study in history.  At first ridiculed, because you idiots watch too much TV, but is …